On the northern border of the Tysons HOA community along Pieris Lane, the vacant lot (currently forest) is slated for development. (2000 Old Gallows Rd, Vienna, VA 22182)

The developer will be attending our annual meeting on August 1st to answer any questions and address concerns.

The developer is proposing a free-standing emergency department, which would be affiliated with the Reston Hospital Center. This type of facility is different from an urgent care center as it would be a destination for ambulances. It is expected to receive 30 visits per day but could easily handle 75 visits. The building would have two stories and would be served by below-grade parking. It is planned to have roughly 40 total parking spaces for patients, visitors, and staff, with 7-9 staff per shift (20 staff during peak hours). This would be a nonstop facility operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There will be no helipad on the roof but there will be air conditioners and other machinery (backup generator is planned for subterranean placement). Ambulances will not be stationed at the facility but, in addition to transporting patients there, would transport patients to other regional hospitals/facilities (e.g. Reston, Fairfax, Children’s Hospital).

The developer is proposing building privacy walls to discourage visitors/patients from parking in our neighborhood and walking to the facility

The site is currently approved for a two-story drive-in bank with surface parking.

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