Maintenance Tips

Keeping your basement warm

Expandable Foam:
The easiest and least expensive fix is to purchase a can of expanding insulating foam or another type of insulation. Then look around your house for holes, cracks, and gaps and fill them. In your basement, the main culprits will be the cracks around your sliding door and behind your fireplace. Just put your hand up to the wall and see if you feel and cold air coming through.

Weather Stripping:
Cold air can enter the basement from the garage door and through the interior garage door and walls. One homeowner found that adding weather stripping on his garage door had a significant impact on the temperature of his basement. The weather stripping can be added without impacting the exterior of the home. Paintable strips can be purchased at the Home Depot or Lowes for about $10 each. They nail to the door frame and need to be painted.

Water valves

You should shut your water off to the exterior in the winter time to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

Oak and Mulberry also with Lofts (interior homes)
The valve located under the kitchen sink (on the cold water side) is the front of the home. The valve located above the hot water heater is for the back of the home.

Instructions on how to turn off the water outside of the home

  1. Turn the shutoff valves at both locations (described above)
  2. Turn on every outside faucet and let the water drain. It will take a few minutes for all of the water to drain from the pipe.
  3. Check the valves located under the sink and above the hot water heater, you will see a small round valve, called a “Bleeder Valve”. Turn this valve to the “Open” position to allow the air in the pipe to complete the drainage of water.
  4. Leave the outside water faucet in the on all winter to prevent broken pipes.
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